The ABCs of Awakening

People are waking up to their true path and purpose in greater numbers than ever before in history. Does this resonate with you? You are likely one of them! If you’re not sure where to turn for support or resources during this transformation, this book is for you.

The ABCs of Awakening: A Dictionary for the Emerging Soul is the companion guide for your spiritual awakening journey. Spiritual Spark Plug Chelley Canales of lighthouse/haven provides a bridge of understanding between esoteric concepts and day-to-day realness.

Through her conversational style, pop-culture references and humor, Chelley brings an understanding of this process in a digestible and enjoyable format. Every letter of the spiritual alphabet, and the introspective questions at the end of each chapter, will bring you closer to understanding your evolution and will provide knowledge, community and a safe haven where there is no better time than right now to live your best light!

When I Rise, I Thrive

Your challenging experiences may have tried to keep you down, lock you up, and throw away the key--but you are designed to thrive! In this book, our authors fearlessly share 70 personal stories of transformation which prove that all breakdowns are breakthroughs. Their healing examples will help you rise above your limitations and encourage you to believe that anything is possible.

Chelley Canales, Contributor