My story, on stage

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As an actress, I’m trained to memorize my lines word for word and then bring a fresh experience to the stage every night as my character. As a writer, I choose words carefully but have the luxury of changing them around until they reach the ideal combination of clarity and personal style. I can play and experiment with descriptive words that might be too copious for normal conversation.

Presenting a TEDx talk is a completely different experience! I will be in front of an audience, just like I would be at the theater, but as me and not a character. Memorizing the speech word for word isn’t the way to deliver it, so I’m challenged to bring as much detail to the storytelling and message as possible while still keeping it conversational and from the heart.

As a writer, I can re-write and elaborate this talk to my heart’s content on paper, but I would never deliver it this way if I was sitting across the table from you having a conversation. I definitely don’t get the chance to re-do the live speech until it’s right! On that stage you only get one shot.

The most challenging part of putting together this talk has been getting it solid in my mind and body while still keeping it fresh. It’s still a work in progress and as it isn’t quite finalized, the message is still very much rattling around my brain. I want to be just as connected to my initial inspiration as when I wrote it, so I will take caution not to overthink it.

No matter what, the end product will come from the heart and it will be delivered in the way it was meant to be! I’m so looking forward to being on that stage, sharing the space with you all.